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Besthomes is the trade name of Ess- Y Construction Nigeria Limited which was incorporated on the 20th of January 1992 with RC. No. 183489. We have been actively engaged in the design and construction of numerous buildings in Abuja through the years.

A few of them are as follows: Alpha Estate Wuye; Shakir Plaza; Yasuha Plaza; Command Guest- House both in Abuja and Kaduna; Bensima House Maitama; Silla Zeka House Utako; the Mosque and Church at the Public Service Institute, Dutse, Abuja and numerous other commercial and residential buildings.

These buildings easily testify to our attention to details in all projects. Our hands-on style is what makes this easily achievable for us. This is our approach to all projects irrespective of the budget. Furthermore, all our projects without exception have been delivered on time.


For us, the harmonious marriage between a building and its surrounding environment is always a critical consideration.


Our edge is our passion! Our passion!! Our passion!!!


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